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Verba volant, scripta manant.

Cronos Press
Prophet's Son Book 1 - Descent to Darkness
Sojourn in the Desert
Return to Grace


Lost Treasure
Graveyard Tour
Stories from Dale Hollow
Leaflings by Darren Shell
The Tenth Avatar
Street Smart
Lady in Peril by Calvin Bowden
Pilgrims of War
Brain Teasers
The Strange Tale of Ms. C Ball and Her Friends
Death Wish
Made in Italy, Loved in America
Chuba the Night Rider
Make a Wish
The Yo-Yo String
Faces a Collection of 12 Short Stories
I, Dragon
Kickin' Butts and Lookin' for Love
Life Aint no Saturday Night Musical
Loving Enemies
Okie Boy
Oz - One of Ten
The Lovers
The Red Hat
The Women Only Zone
The Thundergods' Gold and House of the Fire Demon
Twighlight Journey
The Camorra Hunter
Crossing Blades
I, Dragon by Robert Joseph Ahola


Lonely Horses
The Longest Way Home
Every Man Wants Her
It's Never Enough
Stepping Up Her Game
Murder on Michigan Avenue
The Darkest Shadows