A College Professor — Dr. Bill Nesbitt is truly a seminal thinker. His fascinating “hyperdimensional theory,” weather you totally agree with it or not, will intrigue you and stretch your world view. Scientists, theologians, and intellectually curious laypersons will find Nesbitt’s book to be like a fresh breeze sweeping into a room of stale arguments. — Lyle Dorsett, Ph.D. Professor of Christian Ministries, Wheaton College, (Illinois)

Senior Church Pastor — Theologically out of the box. This book is the most exciting and challenging explanation of the invisible world around us and our spiritual interaction with timelessness I have seen. It will reduce ignorance and increase your faith in God. It’s must reading. — Richard West Founding Senior Pastor, Liberty Christian Center Fairfield, California

A Seminary Professor — Well written and worthy of examination. — Donald Bloesch, Ph.D. (University of Chicago), Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

Corporate Officer — Finally a book for thinking Christians. Einstein himself would find it engaging to discuss these ideas of time and space. This may finally be the platform on which liberal Christian theologians and conservative Evangelicals can find common ground. — Craig Schultz, Vice President (Consultant) Bank of America

William R. Nesbitt Jr. M.D. received his bachelor and doctorate degree from Duke University. He has held full time faculty appointments at the University of Wyoming and the University of California Davis, School of Medicine. As a commissioned medical officer in the United States Navy, he landed with the first medical support wave on Omaha Beach as part of the D-Day invasion of Europe. Dr. Nesbitt is a devout Christian, was ordained an elder in the Presbyterian Church at the age of twenty-four.

Read about a medical doctor’s search for Biblical understanding in the arcane world of modern science. Dr. Nesbitt’ studies have brought him to some astounding assumptions. By restructuring traditional concepts of time and space the authenticity of the scriptures take on new meaning. A clearer understanding of salvation, the final judgment, a picture of heaven and hell, eternal life, the forgiveness of sins, miracles, creations, the occult, the nearness of God, answers to prayer, death, the resurrection for the dead, and healing all have a rational basis in the light of the latest scientific theories.