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Author's Showcase Charity Event in Chicago

The recent author showcase in Chicago went well. Many people attended, and we learned some things about this type of event. The public loves to meet the authors! What's even better? They love to buy books from the authors. This was an interesting lesson for both Fideli and event presenters at Michigan Avenue Media. So authors, remember that no one sells your book better than you.

Below are some photos of the event. Check with us in the future to see when more author-oriented events will take place. Email us your event information at info@fidelipublishing.com.

author showcase book event
author book event chicago

book event with fideli
buying books at book event

Author Biography on VFW Web Site

Fideli author, Ben R. Games, PhD, is now featured in the Lifelong Memories section

of the Veterans of Foreign Wars web site, www.vfw.mem.com.

The biography information was written by Vicki Lopez and includes stories from Ben.

To read the full biography, go to the above web site and type in his name.


Reality Show Possibility

Tim Chapman, author of Midolescence (renamed The Power of Parental Influence) and Addictionary emailed recently to let us know that the reality TV show based his book Midolescence is finished and he is pitching it to the networks over the next few weeks.


Author Interviewed by Chicago Newspaper

Marsha Casper Cook was recently interviewed by Chicago’s What’s Happening Newspapers. The article can be viewed at: www.whatshappeningonline.com, in the entertainment section. Cook is the author of Sala - More Than a Survivor, Love Changes, It's Never Too Late (a script in book format) and three chidren's books - The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion, Snack Attack and The Busy Bus.


It’s Never Too Late to Write Poems

Author F.L. Richards is quite busy. In addition to working with his partner Steve, co-authoring

his next book, Dark Streets, Bright Lights (A look at life among the hustlers, homeless and

hopefuls of Puerto Rico), he is teaching a creative writing course to seniors in his home

community of Tamarac, Florida.

“They are a motivated, delightful group,” he said of his class. “All are enjoying the journey of

‘tapping into the creative self’ in their poetic and prose writings. I am amazed at the quality

of the work they are producing!”

Richards’ other books include the autobiographical, Crossroads...Journey to Wholeness

and the poetic trilogy, In The House Of The Father, The Looking Glass, and Voice of a

Different Heart.


Making Connections and Radio Interviews

Bill Borine (Dancing with the Stars & King Dragon – The World of Bruce Lee) had a signing recently and was on a one-hour radio roundtable-format show on KNEWS AM with others, including the director of the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The interview will also be available at www. knewsradio.com.

He also made some new retail connections at the signing and will soon be selling books in their establishments. Keep up the good work, Bill!

author teaches poetry class

F.L. Richards, center back row, and his poetry class.

Ben R. Games PhD
Ben R. Games

What Fideli Authors Are Doing

Author Ben Games has been in the news quite a bit lately. He and his wife, Helen Games, pictured right, agreed to purchase framed, special edition prints of the "Distinguished Flying Cross Painting” and DFCS flags to donate to various veterans’ military museums on behalf of the DFC Society.

Ben and Helen also made a $50,000 donation to the Matthew A. Knight Foundation on May 27. The foundation provides scholarships to worthy students and helps people who are quietly doing good behind the scenes.

And finally, a story discussing Ben’s life and books was featured in the Ruskin Fla. Observer News. The almost full page article showed pictures of Ben and Helen then and now and an image of the printed CD cover for WASPs of WWII, one of Ben’s recent eBooks.

Author Dieter Gombert’s book, The Secret of U-Boat G-17, was recently featured in a book review in The Daily News (Ludington, MI). The review by Regina M. Angeli appeared both in print and on the newspaper’s web site.

Bill Borine’s Dancing with the Stars written by his late uncle, Norman Borine, received a review on the web site www.workinggirlreviews.com recently. The reviewer, Willow McWilliams, gave the book a "five shoe/best book” rating.

Any of you who have had recent publicity about you or your book should be sending it to Fideli for inclusion here! Get busy! Get Publicity! Sell books!

Sadly, Ben Games passed away in July of 2013.

Left to right: Helen Games, Ben Games, M/G Pat Howard, Dr. Donald Washbish and Jeffrey Askew

Ben Games donation

Fideli Author on the Net

Author Marsha Casper Cook has received great reviews of her books Sala — More than a Survivor, Love Changes, Snack Attack, The Busy Bus and The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion from workinggirlreviews.wordpress.com. That site also published an extensive interview with Marsha — check it out here!

Marsha's also been hosting a Blog Talk Radio show. This week's guests included Robin Surface and Fideli authors Gary Naiman and Robert Raymond. Click here to listen to the archived show.

Marsha Casper Cook

Marsha Casper Cook

FL Richards and Steve Brunner

Steve Brunner and F.L. Richards sent in the above photo from their successful book launch party for Dark Streets, Bright Lights. They even had 63 attendees and several books were sold. The two donated a portion of their proceeds to Broward Outreach and presented Nina Corbe with a check for $200.

Pictured, left to right: Steve Brunner, co-author of Dark Streets, Bright Lights; Pamela Bushnell, Commissioner of District #1, Tamarac FL; Nina Corbe, Development Associate, Broward Outreach Center; and F.L. Richards, co-author of Dark Streets, Bright Lights.

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