Our Book Coaching Service Makes Self-Publishing Easy

You've finished writing your book and you want to self-publish but you really don't know how and you aren't too thrilled about the learning curve you're facing. Don't stress out! Self-publishing doesn't mean doing everything by yourself. We're here to help.

Whether you need just a little help with your cover or want us to work on your book from start to finish, we're ready to work with you and provide valuable information and guidance that will help you during your publishing journey - all for a reasonable price.

Some of the things you might need help with include:

  • Cover design
  • Text formatting
  • IngramSpark or CreateSpace account setup
  • Fitting your cover to the desired template
  • Uploading and troubleshooting files send to your printer, IngramSpark or CreateSpace
  • Creating .epub and .mobi files for ebooks
  • Ebook account setup
  • Help with choosing categories and keywords for ebooks
  • Finding reviewers
  • Social media account setup

If you're ready to start your publishing journey, contact us today to see what Fideli can do for you.

To learn more, call Robin at 888-343-3542 or  email her a today.