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About Fideli Publishing

Mission Statement: Fideli Publishing is the place for independent authors to publish, promote and sell their books. We're a different type of publishing experience because we place great value on trust, truth, and quality — with us, this is the norm not the exception. Our books feature professional, genre-appropriate covers and custom-formatted text, making the finished print exceptional.

Fideli Publishing, Inc. was established in May of 2007, and is owned by Robin Surface and Darren Shell. The business was hit hard by flooding in its previous location, Paragon, Indiana, and moved to Martinsville, Indiana, in late July of 2008. Since Fideli opened for business, we have published more than 900 books. Because of their shared dedication to producing quality books and making sure their authors get the best possible services, Darren, Robin and Fideli's associates work diligently to continuously update and revise the products and services to give authors the best chance at making their books a success.

Fideli works tirelessly to find trustworthy and exceptional associate businesses to partner with so we can offer the services our authors need.

About the Owners:

Robin Surface, President/Owner. Robin has a BA in Journalism with a minor in creative writing. She has worked in various jobs in the printing/publishing industry since 1985, including typographer, production manager for a national trade magazine, news reporter, weekend magazine section editor, graphic artist and book production/printing coordinator.

Darren Shell, Vice President/Owner. Darren came onboard after the flood to help ease the load. He is in charge of our warehousing in our middle Tennessee location. He’s authored many books of his own, both in fiction and nonfiction. His comfidence in Fideli prompted him to buy into the company, giving Fideli an author’s prospective. He is a marina manager by trade, but has written countless articles for newspapers and publications over middle Tennessee and Kentucky and even enjoyed a short-lived career as a cartoon illustrator. He lives in Tennessee along the banks of Dale Hollow Lake.


Michigan Avenue Media, owned by Marsha Casper Cook, Literary Agent and author and founder of Michigan Avenue Media. Marsha has been working with us for several months both as a Fideli author and as a literary manager for some of our Fideli authors. Michigan Avenue Media is dedicated to helping independently published authors get the word out about their books. Marsha and her company share Fideli's philosophy - No book can be successful if no one knows about it.

Marcus Bryan & Associates Inc., a Writer's Guild of America Signatory, has been in business for 10 years. They deal with the TV and film industry and concentrate on pitching books for movies. Many of Fideli's titles have been forwarded to this company for consideration.

Smith Publicity, with offices in New York, New Jersey and London, has been publicizing books since 1997. They have also been working with Fideli since its inception. The Smith Publicity staff brings a combined 75 years of publicity, public relations and marketing experience to the services we provide clients. A true “team,” their staff works collaboratively; sharing ideas and exploring multiple approaches to provide the absolute best client service and promotion through one-on-one interaction with authors to create a customized campaign.

Authoright, provides comprehensive book marketing services across the publishing industry. They have a wide range of book promotion services designed to raise the profile of any author and their book. This encompasses everything from ebook marketing to a social media campaign and advertising books - this means authors appearing in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio, and trending online.