The Inside Edge

Writing a Fairy Tale Retelling

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion fairy tale woven into a story plot? This genre has stood against the test of time and spread across the globe by sharing culturally inspired tales. Retellings are popular in both the publishing and film industries. But each story holds a unique aspect that connects it with the…
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Joining Writing Communities

Most authors are introverts who would much rather be in their own personal bubble without others breaking their concentration. Sure your family and friends can offer motivational support, but it is unlikely they will fully understand the trials and tribulations that a writer faces each time they place themselves in front of a keyboard or…
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10 Ways to Defeat Writer’s Fatigue

It happens to the best of writers. Feeling emotionally and physically drained while writing is a frustrating dilemma. Warning signs of those experiencing writer’s fatigue can include: • Lack of productivity and creativity • Irritability and negativity toward your writing • Rewriting sentences to avail of feeling satisfied with the content • Headaches, extreme tiredness…
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