7 Successful Independent Publishing Characteristics

Independent publishing has been in the literary world for centuries. From small publishing companies or authors going the lone wolf route to self-publish, all have a few key traits in common the lead to rewarding outcomes.

These qualities need to be honed and adapted overtime. Not every publisher instinctively has acquired these behaviors from the start, but they work toward developing them each day. Cultivate these 7 traits and become a flourishing independent publisher

1. Enthusiasm – If you don’t have a passion for publishing then it is going to be difficult to work each day toward publishing a book. Publishers care about their job and what it entails. They work hard to obtain results through each effort that is put forth.

2. Curiosity – The publishing field is a place for learning experiences. Some days will be filled with mistakes that you will learn from. Always keep open to asking questions and gaining answers from sources that can expand your knowledge.

3. Readiness – Publishers are experienced in developing marketing campaigns and managing propositions. You don’t need to have a degree in order to put a publishing plan into action. Being prepared by having basic information on these platforms will still give you an upper hand in the long run.

4. Comprehension – Successful individuals often read about the their subjects of interest. Publishers understand the idea behind their jobs and promoting books. They are readers and writers who are committed to being informed about their customers and products.

5. Persistence – Publishing is a roller coaster ride that is riddled with ups and downs. No matter what you must always find the drive to overcome obstacles in your path. This can come in the form of applying new techniques and traveling down different routes before finding the right road that will lead you to your successful destination.

6. Confidence – You need to be able to take charge and work with determination. There will be days where you befuddled by what your next steps should be in publishing, but by remaining calm and collected publishers get the job done.

7. Optimism - Being optimistic and positive will make the days more enjoyable. Negativity is one of a publisher’s greatest enemies. Having a positive behavior will reflect on others and eventually others will be encouraged to create an upbeat environment that all can enjoy.

Everyone can learn and expand on these traits. The overall goal that each publisher shares is giving a book the chance to be in a reader’s hand. Successful independent publishers thrive on the experience that earned them these behaviors to make that goal a reality.

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